Manufactured Housing Financing Expanding

Finding affordable housing in many areas can be daunting. Manufactured housing (new and existing) can certainly solve the affordability challenge; however, all to often finding suitable and reasonable financing can derail even the most persistent home buyer. Most lenders simply do not choose to offer financing for manufactured housing. It is important to understand that financing for manufactured homes has always been available in the marketplace….FHA, VA and Fannie/Freddie have no issue with financing manufactured housing. Individual lenders have, for the most part, determined that offering financing for the manufactured housing sector just did not have sufficient ROI (Return on Investment).

Thankfully, the opportunity and optio...

The ROI of Profiles and Advice Forums

I continue to be amazed at the sheer number of people who do not even attempt to complete a profile on Active Rain. Or Zillow. Or trulia.

I mean...really, what is the point of setting up all these social media sites if you are not going to use them? Somewhat like attending a networking event to hand out cards. Never taking the time to connect with people to any degree? How's that working for you?

I spend a fair amount of time answering questions on various rea estate Advice or Q&A forums. I do so for two reasons (neither of which is to act like a "Smarty Pants", btw).

I have built my career on educating and enlightening people on the mortgage process. I spend time on Advice and Q&A forums because I want people to underst...

Short Sales and FHA 203k Loans....Real Estate’s Vinegar and Oil

Short Sales and FHA 203k Loans....Real Estate’s Vinegar and Oil

Seriously, are Short Sales and FHA 203K Loans mutually exclusive? Much like Vinegar and Oil, they will never blend together effectively?

Anyone who knows me, or my blogs, or my comments on the advice forums knows I am a HUGE advocate of the FHA 203K renovation loan program. I really do believe home buyers, sellers, real estate agents and contractors are leaving a lot of money and opportunity on the table by not embracing and garnering knowledge about the benefits of the FHA 203K program.

I have been impressed with Broker Bryant’s insight and knowledge of the real estate industry since joining ActiveRain over two years ago. Even more impressive is his willingness and...

My client IS pre-approved. .........or NOT

Most agents declare “My client IS pre-approved.” .........or NOT, is my assessment.

Many agents are under the misguided notion that the consumer in their car looking for properties or putting in an offer on their listing is pre-approved and qualified for the financing needed for the purchase of a given property. Sadly, even the prospective borrowers often operate under the illusion that they are completely qualified for the loan product or loan amount listed on the “pre-approval” letter given to them by their trusted mortgage consultant.

Most people in real estate sales and mortgage financing can deftly differentiate between a “pre-qualification” and a “pre-approval”. A quick review of the co...

Hiring a contractor? Hiring a lender can make more sense

Hiring a contractor? Hiring a lender can make more sense for many of your construction needs. When FHA 203K renovation financing is utilized, there are a series of “stop gaps” and guarantees that are not available to a consumer employing a contractor directly.

An important distinction between a consumer hiring and employing a contractor totally independent of the FHA 203K renovation loan and financing the entire project is that in the latter the consumer is protected from the beginning and throughout the process to the completion of the project.


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