My career in mortgage financing has spanned nearly twenty-eight years. I have witnessed, thrived and survived market shifts, housing recessions, sub-prime implosions and more lenders closing than I can remember. Through every twist and turn I have remained committed to the belief that home ownership in the United States is, and should be, attainable and sustainable for any person(s) who desires to own a piece of the American Dream and is willing to strive diligently to achieve their goal.

Curious and analytical by nature, I have always been focused on the “why and how” of the mortgage financing process. That curiosity has remained consistent through my exploration of sales, management and training in the mortgage industry; retail and wholesale lending; mortgage banker and mortgage broker; brick and mortar and online lending; local and Nationwide lending. The diversity of my experience empowers me to have a unique and thorough understanding of the origination, underwriting and funding/closing/secondary market of the mortgage industry. Knowing the process from “soup to nuts” enables me to ensure my clients navigate the lending process efficiently and, equally important, to understand the reasons and rationale of each specific lending requirement or underwriting condition to funding of their loan.

In keeping with my compelling focus of understanding the mortgage industry and process, I also believe it is my responsibility, as an advocate for my clients, to remain current and relevant in the changes in product and market as humanly possible. I have never focused on one or two specific financing channels, or loan products, because I do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to anything in life. Each potential or current home owner has unique goals and circumstance. Knowing, and having access to, all funding sources is imperative to successfully helping my clients achieve their own American Dream.



I believe owning a home enhances the individual, family, neighborhood, city, state and Nation.

I believe every person should have equal access to achieving the American Dream; however he/she describes it.

I believe the role of a Mortgage Professional is that of an Educator, not a Sales Person.

I believe providing every client with their options within the parameters of current and available financing products and tools, and empowering each client to make financing choices that are in THEIR best interest.

I believe my “job” is to advise, counsel, educate, advocate and be an ambassador to, and for, my client throughout the home buying or refinancing process.

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